Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1200W PSU Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-12-11

To get inside Thunderbolt Plus you will need a starbolt screwdriver. Opening up a PSU is something you should do at your own risk; the potential to damage components is extremely high.

Removing the cover, we have an overview of Thunderbolt Plus’ internal layout. Significant things to notice are that this unit features 3 heatsinks – the capacitors inside are Nippon Chemi-Con and are rated at 105°C.

The cover off – showing the internal structure and components

Thortech have chosen to use a 135mm dual ball bearing fan inside the Thunderbolt Plus unit. This fan is a Protechnic MGT13512XB-025 capable of up to 1800RPM with 100CFM.

135mm dual ball bearing fan

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