Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1200W PSU Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-12-11

Product on Review: Thunderbolt PLUS 1200W
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Thortech Power
Street Price: £170 / $270

We first encountered Thortech Power back at CeBIT 2010. Thortech comes under the umbrella of Golden Emperor International Limited aka GeIL. Being a new company, Thortech isn’t a brand many have heard of but steadily awareness is building and it won’t be long before even your favoured retailer will be stocking their product-lines.

Today we will be taking a look at Thortech’s Thunderbolt Plus Series. The Plus series has a subtle difference under the hood – having a single +12v as opposed to a quad +12v rail on the non-plus versions. The Plus series also comes accompanied with the iPower Meter, an LCD screen that connects directly to the PSU to provide critical statistics and information. The Thunderbolt Plus is available in 800W, 850W, 1000W and 1200W variants, we will be taking a look at the latter – the 1200W.

About Thortech
If Thor is the God of Power, then Thortech should be considered the God of Power Supplies. Thortech is determined to bring to the market only the best blend of performance, efficiency, technology and value of Power Supply brand and products. Thortech Power’s R & D team has experience in designing innovative industrial level power supplies for over 15 years, such experience will be transferred to make first grade consumer level power supplies with high yield rate of 80Plus Gold level or higher efficiency performance. All of Thortech Power Supply products will carry a five year warranty and service policy to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Computex 2010 brings the first chapter of Thortech Power in the power supply industrial history and it is just the beginning. Everyone at Thortech is ready to continue writing chapter after chapter of successful stories with you. “Thortech, throws nothing but power”.

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