Tt eSports Cronos AD Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13-10-15

Product on Review: Tt eSports Cronos AD
Manufacturer: Tt eSports
Price: UK: £49.99 US: $59.99

This is our third outing with the Tt eSport Cronos, which so far as a product seem to be providing split decisions. The original Cronos made a good impression yet the Boosted Bass Edition never really made any real improvements. Well today we take a look at the most dramatic changes the Cronos has seen, including a redesigned headband, moving to a suspension design while keeping the same, soft lycra cushioning as previously seen. The microphone is now retractable rather than the huge boom seen on the previous Cronos headsets and the 40mm drivers are tuned for a better bass experience.

Overview by Tt eSports
The CRONOS AD is our high fidelity gaming headset for eSport athletes. It’s packed with a fully auto-adjusting headband that takes comfort to the next level, and includes powerful 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers so you never miss enemy footsteps. Whether you’re already a professional gamer, or just starting out - the Tt eSPORTS CRONOS AD offers the perfect match of performance with unbeatable comfort and design

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