Tt eSports Cronos AD Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13-10-15

The Cronos AD headset, despite its plasticky exterior, came with a surprising gift of great gaming audio, deep bass and comfort. The included removable cables allow for versatility with various platforms, while the retractable microphone and foldable earcups make for smart and convenient storage.

Value of the Cronos AD seems much better in the US at $59 than in the UK at 49, though, at this point in the market it is able to hit a sweet spot in build quality, performance and comfort which may improve over time as retailers are able to price more competitively. To be ultra critical, the audio quality is not 'mind blowingly good' as we experienced with the Bit Fenix FLO. The audio signature is certainly more geared towards gaming than music playback which is to be expected from a company making 'gaming peripherals', so those looking for a superior audio experience for music listening would naturally be looking elsewhere. All things considering, the Cronos AD provides a very enjoyable listening experience and is our favourite Cronos model by far and while there may be some great alternatives at a similar price point, this one is certainly worth considering alongside them!

Tt eSports take a huge step to improve the comfort and audio quality in their Cronos AD headset which represents a great balance in price, performance and comfort, everything you want from a headset.

+ Good gaming audio - bassy
+ Comfortable
+ Versatile - 2x included cables
+ Retractable microphone

- Not ideal for music lovers

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