Tt eSports Cronos GO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13-10-16

Product on Review: Tt eSPORTS Cronos GO
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Tt eSPORTs
Street Price: UK - 44.99, US - $49.99

Some gamers may find themselves gaming on the move more regularly than others. Whether it be at LAN events, or using mobile devices or simply migrating from platform to platform, one thing is for sure, not everyone appreciates a huge headset that could get wrecked when you are moving around. Acknowledging this, Tt eSPORTS have created a lightweight supra-aural (on-ear) headset precisely for this purpose.

In our last outing with the Cronos AD, we found that Tt eSPORTS had developed a well-rounded, comfortable headset. Being part of the Cronos series, the GO features a similar design ethic to other Cronos headsets, including the Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon with RED LEDs, as the retractable microphone as seen on the AD. To cut the weight down, the Cronos GO features a slim foldable headset frame, and is packed with carefully tuned 38mm drivers.

Overview by Tt eSPORTS
CRONOS GO Gaming Headset Highly functional stereo headset consist awesome ear cups that can both swivel-inward and fold flat for convenient transport! The CRONOS GO gaming headset offers the ultimate lightweight and convenience in portability, allowing you to focus on gaming anywhere!

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