Tt eSports Cronos Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅23-10-13

Product on review: Tt eSports Cronos
Manufacturer: Tt eSports
Street Price: 61.99 inc VAT

If you are a gamer then it is likely that you will recognise the Tt eSports brand because they are known for their vivid and stylish products that illustrate the gaming scene. New to this image is the Cronos gaming headset that is amongst a new creed off headset that gives the choice of LED lighting while using a 3.5mm jack to connect to your discrete sound card. Utilising popular 40mm drivers wrapped in a shell driven by brand recognition, can it deliver the impressive audio quality gamers have come to expect?

Overview by Tt eSports
The CRONOS gaming headset is a highly functional stereo headset optimized for both FPS gaming and mobile use coming with two removable headphone cables; one for use with PC gaming and another for use with mobile phones.

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