Tt eSports Cronos Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅23-10-13

The Tt eSport Cronos is certainly distinctive and unique in appearance and the inclusion of the modular cables is certainly welcomed. The red LED logo will appeal to gamers and if you didn't want a cliche black headset, it is also available in 'combat white'. The build quality is as good as the competitors in this price range, using quality plastics with metal reinforced adjustable strap.

It is very hard to dislike anything about the Cronos without getting exceptionally petty, maybe the quality of the in-line remote could be improved or change the microphone by making it modular? Getting to the meat of the disadvantages would really be the price and competition. It is priced very close to the ASUS Orion/ Echelon and not far off of the Steelseries Siberia V2, both of which punch very hard. The sound quality is well balanced but slightly lacking at this price point, but then, it is far from the worst too. Keeping this product viable is its styling and charm so if you like the look of it, then you aren't getting a bad deal and is certainly worth looking at. For these reasons we are happy to award our Vortez Silver.

The Tt eSports Cronos with its aggressive red LED lighting could be the perfect addition to your gaming arsenal, if you like what you see and want a more distinctive headset, this will come recommended!

+ Well rounded Audio
+ Aggressive LED Lighting
+ Modular cables

- Tough competition

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