Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅15-10-12

Product on Review : Tt eSPORTS Level10M

Manufacturer: Tt eSPORTS
Street Price: £89.99

In recent years Thermaltake has become a force to be reckoned with in the gaming peripherals market under their Tt eSPORTS brand. We've had the pleasure of reviewing their Meka G-Unit mechanical keyboard in the past, and recently Richard took their Theron RTS mouse for a spin, where it achieved our Silver Award. The product we have in to review today is something a little bit different though.

The Level 10M is a mouse designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, a firm responsible for a staggering number of innovative aesthetic concepts in a variety of engineering fields. Diverse products such as software GUIs, skis, concept cars and even yachts have all had the DesignworksUSA touch to meld high-end performance with unique and engaging aesthetics.

The first collaboration between BMW DesignWorksUSA and Thermaltake was the avant garde Level 10 aluminium chassis. Unveiled in 2009, the Level 10 sought to dispense with consumer expectations of a dull box for your PC components, instead bringing to market a chassis which looked like no other whilst also integrating a modular design reflecting the modular nature of PC components. DesignworksUSA integrated a number of flourishes, most especially hot-swap drive bays which proved an inspiration for the Level 10 name - the drive bays evoked the concept of levelling up in a game.

Picking up on subtle cues and going all-in to accentuate the concept is key, although sometimes the outcome isn't quite what the market is ready for. The chassis met with mixed reviews: picking up numerous design awards but a price matching its high-concept aesthetic it didn't bring mainstream recognition. It was left to the Level 10 GT, a separate product designed wholly by Thermaltake, to bring Level 10 to the masses.

The Level 10M is the first foray of the design-centric partnership into peripherals, so it's very interesting to note that Thermaltake have chosen to market it through the Tt eSPORTS subsidiary.

About Tt eSPORTS

“Challenge is the game” highlights the philosophy to bring out gamers’ addiction in gaming and the ambition of reaching to the extreme. Tt eSPORTS, a gaming obsessed division from Thermaltake, is uniting gamers from all over the world in a unique & fascinating eSPORTS culture, inherited the spirits of Thermaltake, is an energetic, powerful, bold and intelligent challenger who never says “no” to the extreme competition. we do not only provide gamers the ultimate gaming gears but also fulfils the passion to achieve the ultimate success.

The intent seems to be obvious: push Tt eSPORTS as the Thermaltake peripherals branding and attempt to garner a reputation for style and high-end quality as well as mid-range and affordable gear. The success of Tt eSPORTS teams in the Eastern market has generated enough brand recognition to open two retail stores - the latest in Taipei City, Taiwan - whilst in the West will for now have to build on the fundamentals of good design and positive feedback. Should be fun to see how well they've done.

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