Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅15-10-12
Packaging & Accessories

The Level 10M - Born To Be Seen. That sums up the mouse very nicely, but before our first look we need to discuss the packaging. Let there be no doubt, this isn't a peripheral where the retail box is plain and they're selling the name and trademarked graphic. The Level10M is right there, bold as brass with design touches to be admired, not discretely overlooked. Tt eSPORTS is also highlighted, though in time we should be able to recognise it merely from the stylised dragon logo, also present on the mouse.

The front highlights the major design innovations you'll see, although the marketing jargon is a little difficult to decipher in two instances: 3D-steering and Dynamic Colour Range. More on those later. Additionally, make note of "designed in Germany"; automobile enthusiasts will understand why that's a big deal.

The rear presents the highlighted features as images, displaying relevant parts of the mouse. Here we can see that Dynamic Colour Range is a feature of the built-in lighting, but 3D-Steering remains a little vague. We'll get to that.

The packaging here makes special mention of the website for additional information, so we will too:

Left and right sides provide two additional views of the mouse, and discuss the Level10 concept and Level10M mouse design brief. In the discussion of the concept we're given a hint that this may not be the only Level10 peripheral to every be brought to market... already we're looking forward to the future.

The packaging floor contains important safety and compatibility information, including compliance with international safety standards. Slip the sleeve off and we're left with an inviting portal inside. You can tell that someone in marketing has been picking up a few tricks from Apple.

Bundled Accessories

* Level 10 M Carry Case

* Level 10 M Adjuster Tool (see: Customisation Features)

* Driver CD, warranty policy, product postcards

Tt eSPORTS have seen no need to bundle a range of unnecessary accessories, instead keeping to the basics. The carry case is a nice touch given the Level 10M's value - not something you want to lose at a LAN or other event.

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