Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅15-10-12
Closer Look - Customisation Features

Fit to hand

Use of the bundled adjuster key tool, ostensibly a small hex key, allows the height and angle of the palm rest to be adjusted based on your preferences. Angle is controlled through a small rotating knob on the right, whereas the height is adjusted by rotating a dial in the centre of the palm rest.

Angle adjustment is +/- 5 degrees from the vertical, but there is always a slight give in the base along this axis. Generally speaking you won't be pushing down with enough force on one of the main mouse buttons to notice however. Height adjustment is through approximately 0.5cm, and at no point does the palm rest feel like it may collapse due to poor structural integrity.

The action of these dials is smooth and continuous, rather than relying in pre-selected values as in many other adjustable mice. Also, at no point can you be over-zealous and unscrew it - the limits of the range is obvious when you use it.


Colour is all the rage in mice right now and the Level10M allows you to add your own splash of colour in three different locations: the mouse wheel, left-mouse-button and the Tt eSports Logo under the hexagonal grid. Colour is set in software, whilst by default all three are in the red of Tt eSPORTS.

We'll discuss the limitations with the rest of the Software next...

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