Tt eSPORTS LEVEL 10 M Advanced Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅23-05-16
Packaging & First Look

The exterior packaging comes in the black/red design seen on many Tt eSPORTS products and despite the high contrasting areas of colour, the design is rather toned down and relatively minimalistic, with just the branding, a product image, key features listed in large tabs, and the name of the product at the bottom.

The front of the box can open to reveal the product inside, showing of the mouse and the included adjustment key/hex screwdriver as well as a diagram showing off the 10 programmable buttons.

The back of the box shows off that the L10 M Advanced is backed up with a new software GUI from Tt eSPORTS as well as giving some information about the construction and build quality, noting the use of Omron switches rated for 50million clicks, and its ergonomic shape. The words 'professional gaming mouse' listed in various languages seems to be a bit pointless however.

Inside you are greeted with a guide, warranty information and two battle dragon stickers, one black, one clear.

The Level 10 M Advanced mouse, it features 1.8m of braided cabling that has an integrated USB cap to protect the gold plated connector.

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