Tt eSPORTS LEVEL 10 M Advanced Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅23-05-16
Closer Look

From the top down, the thumb baseplate clearly stands out, making the shape slightly resemble a fish. The primary mouse clicks are independent from the main body material with the left side slightly larger than the right, a design seen on various other mice (Corsair Sabre). Behind the ventilation we can see the Battle Dragon lit up, forming one part of the LED lighting zones, with the mouse wheel and left click forming the other two. On the right click there is an LED indicator displaying which 'level' DPI is in use, while the large screw towards the centre rear is for the height adjustment.

The front of the mouse shows a cable leader attached to the base plate, while the over arch to the design is slight. The close up shows off that lovely matte finish slightly glittering away.

The mouse is 130.75mm long, and features two round side buttons and a 5-axis button that is used for DPI and profile selection, all of which are customisable/programmable within the software drivers.

From behind we get a clear look at the ergonomics, where space is given for both the thumb and third finger to rest.

On the right hand side we get a clearer look at the finger shelf, as well as some fancy red under-cabling.

A closer look at the finger lighting zone and the clear mouse wheel. The mouse wheel is clear, and seems rather thin with a textured rubber coating for grip.

This angle helps provide a better perspective into the ergonomics, the rounded butt of the mouse seems rather high as it curves down into a flattened end.

Though it looks a little fish-like the baseplate looks and feels solid, though the sensor seems positioned a little more towards the front of the mouse.

The height/angle adjustment system at its min/max angles with a height difference of around 5mm.

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