Tt eSPORTS LEVEL 10 M Advanced Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅23-05-16

The overall construction and design of the L10 M Advanced is admirable and at a price of 54.99, it feels like you are getting what you paid for. The fact it can save 5 profiles, each with 10 programmable buttons and 4 DPI settings is awesome, allowing gamers to have specific settings for each of their favourite games or game genres. The tracking ability of the AVAGO 9800 sensor is a common reason why many manufacturers choose to use this particular part. Implemented well, as seen here, gamers can expect great in game accuracy across many different surfaces.

As always, we need to discuss the weak points of the product and we discovered various things holding the Level 10 M Advanced back. First up, it is a shame that Tt eSPORTS didn't redesign the side buttons, especially considering the fact that the new baseplate takes up some of that precious space underneath them. Following this, we need to consider at the adjustable height/angle '2D Steering' mechanism. This may appear to be a feature that some may like, we could argue that it is a pointless yet costly gimmick that gives users an illusion of control that is closer to a sliding scale of rubbish (for want of a better word). Fortunately it isn't integral or detrimental to the overall comfort of the mouse. The last few things worth mentioning are the weak feeling scroll wheel, the weight (on the heavier side, which some may prefer) and the always on red LED that may squash anybody's dream of an idealised setup.

To summarise, the Level 10 M Advanced is a fantastic mouse that is priced rather aggressively as its features and performance are spot on for most gamers needs. There are other suggestions we could make, such as, we would have liked to have seen a more renowned optical sensor used, such as the 3310, though it seems we are seeing a reinvigorated trend for marketing high DPI gaming mice. Regardless, if you are seeking a top quality gaming mouse with a laser sensor, the Level 10 M Advanced is a decent choice.

The Level 10 M Advanced has great performance and a bag load of customisation options, yet it is the solid build quality that defies this price point.

+ Fantastic build quality
+ 10 programmable buttons
+ Attractive RGB lighting
+ On board memory and processing
+ Hand ventilation
+ Price

+- Always on red LED
+- 2D Steering (adjustable height/angle) seems pointless

- Mouse wheel feels weak
- Side button positioning

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