Tt eSPORTS MEKA G Unit Keyboard Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅01-12-11
Packaging & First Look

Box Front

The front of the package is very well designed. While there is no window, there is a glossy picture of the product on display set on a backdrop of flames. To the bottom right we get a brief rundown of the features of the MEKA G Unit.

Box Rear

Flipping the box over we see that Tt eSPORTS have printed a diagram of the keyboard in turn identifying some more of the 'key' features. The full list of features is also printed alongside in multiple languages.

Box Open

Opening the box up, unusually from front to back we are greeted with yet another schematic of the keyboard, this time of the graphical user interface. To the left is a wallet containing the paperwork and driver CD.


The accessories are split into two sections. As stated above, the thick paper wallet contains the setup-guide, warranty information, driver/software CD along with two stickers embossed with the Tt eSPORTS emblem. Also included in the accessory list is a palm rest and a faux velvet pouch containing the detachable data/power cable for the keyboard.

Power/Data Cable

Unusually for a keyboard, the data cable is detachable. While I'm not averse to this feature, I find it a strange inclusion given that the keyboard is not wireless and will always need the cable unless you intend on using it as a door stop. Nevertheless, the pouch it comes in was a nice touch - just don't forget to pack it when you attend the next LAN! The cable is nicely braided and each end of the cable has the now obligatory gold plating.

Let's move on to the star of the show - the MEKA G Unit mechanical gaming keyboard...

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