Tt eSPORTS MEKA G Unit Keyboard Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅01-12-11
Closer Look

Keyboard Top

The keyboard layout is very good. There are 12 macro keys to the left with the num-pad to the right, very similar to the Logitech G15 layout. To the top left we have the profile buttons and top right, four media buttons. Interestingly, Tt eSPORTS have elected to have a large ENTER key with smaller SHIFT beneath rather than having a larger SHIFT key. How this translates in real-world usage we will see in the performance section.

Keyboard Bottom

Underneath the keyboard we find that the MEKA has a number of runner pads to hold the keyboard in place. There is also a large groove which will allow the cable to be tidied away. The plastic used on the keyboard is the rigid type and other than the rough, dimpled effect as seen on DELL keyboards, it doesn't have a quality feel to it.

Keyboard Legs

The legs of the MEKA are a little on the short side raising the keyboard up by just 12mm. The legs are however much sturdier than other keyboards we have tested. They also have rubber feet to further enhance the keyboards static stance under extreme use.

Palm Rest Clips

Unlike the legs, the palm rest clips are very flimsy and it is highly recommended you do not make a habit of removing the clips as they will surely break after very little use which is a shame as other than these clips, the keyboard on a whole feels very robust.

Palm Rest Attached

Here we see the palm rest attached. It clicked into place relatively easy despite my concerns over the slight clips. With the palm rest attached the ergonomics were improved ten-fold and it was also wide enough to accommodate my shovels.

Overall then the keyboard looks very attractive. The layout is very good save for the ENTER and Right SHIFT key sizes. Even without the palm rest attached the keyboard feels very heavy thanks to the switchgear used which can only be a good thing as heavy usually translates to hardy which intensive gamers will appreciate.

Let's take a closer look at the MEKA G Unit to see what else it has to offer...

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