Tt eSports Poseidon Z Forged Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22-09-15

In all of our testing with the Poseidon Z Forged, the initial judgement deserves to be stressed once again. This is a top quality and truly beautiful keyboard. It would have been nice to see the Tt eSports tone down their logo from the red colour to a more neutral white and while we are at it, white LED backlighting too (rather than Red/Blue). Though this keyboard is not just about looks. Gamers get a whole host of macro options and it features full NKRO too.

There are some questionable choices made in regards to the Poseidon Z Forged's design though it all stems from the same place, the root and origin of its ails, the detachable cable.

A detachable cable is something that often appears on keyboards that are LAN/sporting orientated for convenience and portability. I often advocate for modularity in regards to cables though it seems a little pointless with the Poseidon Z Forged due to its size and weight. So what's the consequence to having a detachable cable? Well, it makes it difficult to implement an audio and USB pass-through which would likely cost less than say, adding in a USB hub as well as a low power DAC for headphone and microphone. Logically, this seems to show a limitation of the design rather than having 'awesome extra features'. Considering the reasonable street price of $119 (No UK pricing or availability, at least for now) it would beg the question of 'What was sacrificed by the addition of the USB hub and DAC?'. The answer is likely to do with the lighting. One would expect a recently released keyboard to have at least 'per-key customisation' in regards to the illumination, however the Poseidon Z Forged only has a selection of preset modes. Yes, there are many other wallet friendly illuminated keyboards that also run with a selection of preset lighting modes and rarely do we see them paired with USB/audio connectors too. Though do not forget that the MSRP of the Poseidon Z Forged is $139, placing it above a substantial amount of lower priced models.

It is because of these reasons, the Poseidon Z Forged misses out on becoming something quite extraordinary. Ultimately, rather than thinking about what could have been and focusing on what IS, the Poseidon Z Forged is one mechanical keyboard gamers will love and is deserving of your attention should it fall in your price range.

The Poseidon Z Forged merges beauty and top craftsmanship that is backed by a 5 year warranty, creating a reliable yet stunning keyboard gamers will love.

+ Beautiful
+ High quality construction
+ Loads of macro options for gamers
+ Integrated USB hub and DAC
+ Reasonable pricing
+ 5 year warranty
+ Available with Blue or Brown switches

- Lack of customisable lighting
- Wrist rest could be a little larger

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