Tt eSports Shock PRO RGB Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅15-01-18

If you are looking for a great value gaming headset with RGB lighting, the Shock PRO RGB is certainly one to look out for. It looks great, and is very well made when considering the price tag! The biggest win of this headset is in its long lasting comfort, something that is an absolute necessity for gamers. The default audio signature of the Shock PRO RGB is a fairly generic, bass rich affair, however, with a little EQ tweak, it can sound great. Once you have that audio setup, we also appreciated the immersion provided by the super-wide soundstage (several times I removed the headset believing I had heard an external noise), quite possibly the best we have experienced in a sub 40 headset.

There are some points we wish to discuss, but to get the only real negative out the way; the microphone is too short causing poor pickup.

Aside from that, we felt that an auto-muting microphone would have been better than having a switch, due to the lack of an indicator, making it fairly easy to forget when your microphone is muted. Also, considering the lighting requires the use of a whole USB port, it would have been cool to have seen some more advanced lighting effects, especially when images (such as the one used for the award) are a little misleading, just to reiterate, this headset only displays single colours.

Overall, Tt eSports have created a good quality, affordable RGB headset that should certainly make your shortlist.

Once given a little tweak the EQ, the Shock PRO RGB sounded surprisingly good, while its long lasting comfort means you can focus more on your gaming session.

+ Long lasting comfort
+ Attractive design + RGB lighting
+ Bass rich audio
+ Wide soundstage
+ Competitive pricing

+- Needs EQ tweaking to balance audio
+- No microphone mute indication
+- Earpads not removable
+- Basic lighting effects

- Poor microphone pick up/microphone too far away from mouth (TFAFM)

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