Tt esports Theron Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅17-09-12

Product on Review : Tt eSPORTS Theron

Manufacturer: Tt eSPORTS
Street Price: £47.99

Thermaltake have been churning out some excellent gaming peripherals under the herald of Tt esports. The Meka G-Unit mechanical keyboard we reviewed attained our prestigious Gold award which is proof indeed of the quality Tt esports pride themselves upon. Today we get to play with the Tt esports Theron, a mouse built from the ground up with an RTS flavouring that Thermatake hope will appeal to players of this genre.

While the Theron is touted as an RTS gaming mouse we at Vortez will be testing the mouse not only in its chosen arena but also in other areas as we believe a mouse should be capable of all round performance. It's all very well having a specialist mouse which cuts the reaction time to milliseconds but when you have to change to a different mouse for a different game/duty, it cuts down the usability of such a peripheral. Pro gamers won't be concerned with this but for the rest of us who need a 'one size fits all' mouse, we need a peripheral that is capable of multiple tasks. So while we will be having a blast on Starcraft II and Company of Heroes, we will also try the mouse out on First person shooters too along with the more mundane everyday tasks. This will hopefully give you a complete, all-round feel for the capability of the Theron.

Tt eSPORTS on Theron
“Tt eSPORTS pledges to deliver the best gaming experience possible; this mission in turn motivates Tt eSPORTS product development to be greater than spectacular. When mechanical engineering meets professional eSports, a special collaboration begins and the latest Tt eSPORTS pro gaming mouse—the THERON—is the product of that collaboration. Under the Battle Dragon, the THERON promises to become another beast in the gaming world. Cooperative design elements contributed by SC2 pro gamer Zhan “Softball” Zhenyu are incorporated to allow the THERON make you feel like a pro.”

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