Tt esports Theron Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅17-09-12
Additional Accessories

First up is the Galeru, a neat little bungee device which is perfect for keeping the mouse cable of the Theron away from your gaming surface. The Galeru comes in two parts, a hefty base complete with magnet which keeps the stalk in place.

The rubber stalk attaches to the magnet and stays in place securely thanks to the magnetic base. Because the stalk is rubber there is very little tension which is perfect should your mouse cable length be adjusted too short as the stalk bends freely.

The stalk has a fine cut channel which grips the mouse cable securely.Should you wish to shorten or lengthen your cable-to-bungee setup this is easily done within seconds.

We also received a Pyrrhus 'Colossal' 'Speed Edition' mouse mat which is, as the name suggests an XL size fabric mouse mat measuring 350mm v 430mm. The mat has a non-slip rubber backing and while the mat itself is thin (2mm) it is extremely comfortable in use. The woven fabric on our sample was very, very smooth allowing the mouse to glide effortlessly, with minimal friction across the mouse pad.

Above we see the complete setup which certainly compliments each component perfectly. The Theron, Galeru and Pyrrhus are all very well designed and made and should you go for a setup like this you will be getting items that are designed to work together rather than buying individual items from separate companies which may not work so well in tandem.

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