Tt esports Theron Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅17-09-12

the software is very nicely presented and fairly easy to follow with separate tabs defining each function. The main page is not just an overview though but allows the users to select each individual button and configure it to perform a function, be it 'T' key, single key, default, launch program or any of the 40 customisable Macro functions you create.

The main fuctionality of the lighting is depicted by the Normal or Battle modes. Normal is always on your predetermined colour choice (one of seven) whereas the battle mode changes the colour depending on frequency of button activations. A gimmick for sure but good for keeping track of your performance in RTS.

Should you wish to change the colour of your Theron. Sadly, you are restricted to just 7 different colours unlike competing mice which allow of 16 million different colours. These colour variations can also be adjusted in game by clicking the profile button beneath the mouse to one of five profiles, each with its own identifiable colour.

the technical settings of the mouse are accessed under the performance tab. Here we see that there are four DPI levels: 800, 1600, 3200 and and ridiculous 5000 DPI. So if your a gamer who prefers low DPI or stupendously high sensitivity then the Theron has a setting for you. I would have preferred a slider with more flexibility but the range is fairly good nonetheless.

Double click, cursor and scroll speed along with polling rate can also be adjusted here.

Finally there's a fully functional macro key setting which allows the usual plethora of settings you can expect such as delay time, start/stop and recording facilities.

All in all a nicely polished software suite which works very well. Most importantly, despite the lack of instructions it is easy to figure out and allows your mouse to be customised to your liking with ease.

Let's see how the mouse performs under a range of conditions...

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