Tt esports Theron Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅17-09-12
Performance Testing
General Use

In normal everyday tasks I have little to complain about with the Theron. There are however a few minor points which I feel are worth mentioning. The scroll wheel, while notched is not very precise as there is a little bit of play between notches and it doesn't feel as solid as other mice. There are no left and right clicks on the wheel either which some may miss.

The sensitivity of the mouse is good with the buttons requiring just the right amount of force to actuate, an important feature for any mouse.Ergonomically speaking The mouse is rather wide so this may suit people with medium to large hands however the hump of the mouse is less pronounced so while it is wide, resting my palm on the mouse didn't feel natural. I was also a little disappointed with the thumb/finger contours which didn't feel deep enough to provide the ultimate comfort. that said, it isn't an uncomfortable mouse by any stretch of the imagination save for left handers as this mouse dictates right hand use only due to the button placements.

Gaming Performance

After a few games of Starcraft it became clear that this mouse was designed for lovers of the genre. Fast actions per minute allowed for precise troop movement/adjustment and the macro capability worked very well too. Again, I found myself using the mouse in a claw like grip to get the best from it which then made the side buttons a little less natural to use. If Tt esports had made the right side contours a little deeper then the mouse would be so much more comfortable to use.

The mouse buttons clicks of both the finger and side buttons very good in use and the DPI switching was also responsive however the indication on the mouse was initially a little confusing as there are only two light indicators which light up depending on what level you have currently enabled. No lights signifies low, lower light illuminated to signify 1600, high light to signify 3200 and both lights for 5000 DPI. Sadly these lights are solid red and cannot be adjusted to match the rest of the colour scheme.

FPS gaming was also good with the Theron however it is unlikely a gamer would use more the 1600 DPI for FPS so the remainder is wasted and here is where a slider of DPI adjustment in the software would be much better. As for sniping, the lower the sensitivity the more accurate a gamer will be allowing for precise, yet small movements is the key to getting those crucial long distance head-shots. For general play though, the Theron neither excels nor disappoints.

Above we see the various colours available to the Tt esports Theron.

Overall, I liked the Theron. A few shortcomings have been observed however these are not major problems and in Thermaltake's defence, the DPI switching is more suited to the genre this mouse was designed for, RTS and for that purpose, this mouse is a very useful tool indeed.

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