Tt esports Theron Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅17-09-12
The Tt esports Theron provides us with an interesting choice. While it is very good for what it was designed for (RTS gaming) it does show weaknesses in other areas.

Ergonomically it is less than perfect. While it does have a sculpted surface, the contours were not deep enough to prove really comfortable. A mouse should either be sculpted such as the Logitech Performance MX with deep recesses or be rounded with no contours such as the SteelSeries Sensei. It seems that Thermaltake have opted for the middle ground which sounds good but in practice doesn't works so well.

The similarities with Razer and Roccat product design are clear and this is no bad thing. Slap a Razer logo in place of the Dragon and you would be hard pushed to tell the difference visually between the two products, such is the quality look of the Tt esports Theron. Pick the mouse up and again, you get a sense of quality thanks to the rubberised texture used on the upper shell. the buttons give a satisfying click too so for the most part the Theron excels in functionality. My one concern is the mouse wheel which felt a little vague. the notched effect worked well however there is just a little too much play between the notches and not enough feedback. The Wheel is also quiet noisy in comparison to other devices.

It may seem that I have been overly harsh on the Theron however I feel it is best to give you the bad points first because what it does well, it does very well indeed. the button clicks are great with actuation points very close to the click allowing for multiple button activations with very little button travel between each activation. This will cut down on fatigue during lengthy gaming sessions but more importantly, give you the edge in combat. I liked the colour change functionality of the mouse, especially as these colours can be linked to profiles and the optional extras we briefly covered today compliment the Tt esports Theron mouse perfectly.

Price wise, the Theron weighs in at a competitive £47.99. While it may not be cheap at that price, few mice that are cheaper offer the same amount of functionality or features as the Theron. There are better FPS mice available for that price, including some from Tt esports own catalogue so gamers looking for a mouse from that genre may wish to look elsewhere, not that the Theron is a bad mouse for FPS gaming, it isn't, but there are better for the money. RTS gamers on the other hand will appreciate the features the Theron has to offer and will see the price tag as good value for money as a good RTS mouse can mean the difference between victory or failure. So with that in mind the asking price is well balanced.

Overall then, the Theron is a great mouse for RTS fans. It will do everything you ask of it and thanks to the customising functionality it not only performs well but looks great too. Thermaltake have come a long way recently and should they continue to release quality products such as this, market leaders will be looking over their shoulder with worrying concern.

+ Fast actions per minute
+ Customisable features
+ Rubberised texture
+ Macro functionality
+ Good DPI range (if somewhat limited in choice)
+ Great optional accessories

- Limited customisable colour range
- Basic DPI indication
- Poor quality mouse wheel

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