Tt eSPORTS Ventus R and Ventus Z Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-10-16

Product on Review: Tt eSPORTS Ventus R, Ventus Z
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Tt eSPORTs
Street Price: Ventus R: UK - £29.99, US - $34.99
Ventus Z: UK - £49.99, US - $59.99

Tt eSPORTS have shown a relentlessness to deliver fantastic quality products at competitive prices across the entire spectrum of gaming peripherals and that continues with the two latest Ventus gaming mice. The Ventus series ran with the aerodynamically engineered ventilation system featured on the Level 10M series mice and brought it to more mainstream and affordable options. Despite any skepticism, in our previous testing we found that this cooling ventilation for the hand does actually work and is especially noticeable over long gaming sessions, thus making it a nice feature to have.

The Ventus R is a high-speed, ambidextrous mouse that is lightweight and features the renowned PWM3310 optical sensor, while the Ventus Z is a larger, ergonomic mouse with additional buttons, adjustable weight and features the AVAGO 9500 laser sensor. Each use OMRON switches, an alps encoder and feature a 32bit ARM MCU and 256kb of memory.

Overview by Tt eSPORTS
The VENTUS R features a PIXART PMW-3310 optical sensor with up to 5000 DPI that offers superior tracking across the widest variety of surfaces; and comes equipped with an ARM based 32bit microcontroller with 32KB flash memory, 5 programmable keys for 5 different gaming profiles and 256kb of on-board memory to meet all the performance needs of the gaming enthusiast. With a unique aerodynamic engineered air-through ventilation system coupled with smart ergonomic design, a perfect balance is struck from hand-to-mouse to create the most optimal touch feel user experience.

The VENTUS Z features an AVAGO 9500 11000 DPI laser sensor, a new coating with a feel that’s somewhere in between the feel of plastic and rubber coating; a balance between rigid surfaces and a soft to touch finish. Tt eSPORTS Aerodynamically Engineered from its flagship Level 10 M series of mice is inherited into this iteration of the VENTUS Z; keeping gamers hands cool even when gaming for long durations!

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