Tt eSPORTS Ventus R and Ventus Z Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-10-16
Closer Look: Ventus Z

The bird's eye view of the Ventus Z shows off its more ergonomic shape, catering for a palm grip style. Each mouse click is made from independent parts, and the rear side features large area of ventilation.

The front view shows a wider, more domed appearance than the Ventus R.

On the left side we find a whole host of buttons, towards the top left are the copy/paste buttons, followed by the forward/back buttons and a sniper button at the bottom.

The Ventus Z features a large area of ventilation that widens the farther up the mouse, giving good coverage when used with a palm grip.

Over on the offside is largely plain, but we get a great look at that amazing textured surface.

The mouse wheel is wide and has a rubber surface for grip, while being made of transparent plastic for light emission. Sitting behind the mouse wheel are the two profile selection buttons.

The base is large and features several Teflon slip pads with the sensor positioned slightly towards the front.

There is a removable plastic cover to access the adjustable weights.

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