Tt eSPORTS Ventus R and Ventus Z Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-10-16
Software & Lighting

Tt eSPORTS have been working on their own unified software driver for their products and the result was the Tt eSPORTS Command Center. Though the mice will work via plug and play, for full features and customisation, the software is recommended to be used. After installation, it will recognise any compatible Tt eSPORTS devices and automatically update the firmware where available. Once done you will then be presented with an easy to navigate GUI that will enable you to reprogram any buttons, record any macros, and customise the lighting effects. Something that we overlooked before is the 'link to program' feature, which automatically swaps profile which you have customised for whichever application you choose.

The Ventus R and Z share some similar features, such as 5 customisable profiles, with 4 stage DPI selection as well as similar lighting effects (static, off, pulse, spectrum cycle). The primary differences would be in the laser sensor in the Ventus Z, giving it adjustable angle snapping and lift off distance, though we do not find any acceleration controls.

The macro editor works smoothly and I am happy to report that it does register all mouse actions (all clicks and buttons).

The lighting is vibrant and renders most colours accurately, white is slightly cool but easily passes for white.

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