Vertagear PL-6000 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-12-21

Product on Review: P-Line PL6000
Manufacturer: Vertagear
Street Price: UK £399.99 / US $499.99

Once upon a time, in a not-too-distant past, we’d all be sat on bog-standard office chairs with bad backs, but things are changing within the gaming world and awareness to correct posture and comfort is growing massively. Vertagear set up shop in 2015 with the aim of improving comfort and style within your gaming environment, but despite their relatively short operating time, Vertagear have been hugely influential.

Today we’re looking at Vertagear’s latest gaming chair, the P-Line PL6000, an office/gaming chair designed for taller/larger users, or even smaller users who just prefer to have a bit more space, with a weight rating of up to 170kg (350 lbs) and ergonomics designed around users between 175cm - 204cm (5’9” - 6’8”). This is achieved through the use of an extensive steel chassis, class-4 gas lift and an aluminium 5-prong wheel base.

The PL6000 is available in a wide range of colours, starting with your standard black on black, and going through all kinds including camouflage and bright colours like orange or lime green. We have the black/red for review today but be sure to check out Vertagear’s website for detailed images of the other options.

Using UPHR (Ultra Premium High Resilience) Foam, the Vertagear claims to offer up to 62% better resistance to deformation over prolonged periods, aiding comfort in the short term but also longevity of the product in the long term, both incredibly important characteristics. The Penta RS1 casters are motorsport inspired and available with an auto-locking feature for a very reasonable extra cost.

We covered one of Vertagear’s very first chairs back in 2015, the S-Line SL4000, so it’ll be interesting to see how much has improved in the last 6 years despite the excellent rating that the SL4000 received way back then.

Vertagear on the PL-6000:
The Vertagear Racing Series P-Line PL6000 gaming chair is designed for comfort and equipped with superior ergonomic features. The Plus Line (PL) is the perfect fit for users desiring more space. Assembled with a wide range of adjustability that enhances gamers' personal comfort, relax for extended periods during your intense gaming sessions.

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