Vertagear PL-6000 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-12-21
The Vertagear PL-6000 has impressed us in many ways, but it’s not without its flaws, and we’ll go on to wrap up our thoughts now.

The chair is available in several cool colours, including the camouflage which is a nifty option if you want to get something a bit different. The wheels match with the chair and are available in a self-locking option if you wish. Vertagear also offers an RGB lighting kit for some of their chairs, but sadly this one isn’t included, which is a big shame - we’d very much have liked to review that as an aside.

In terms of long-term comfort, let’s say over the course of a working day, the PL-6000 is ok, but the flat faux leather, lacking any perforation, can get sweaty quite quickly. We also found the foam to be a little too thin in places, and too firm in others, even after using the chair for a good 50-60 hours, we never found it to be incredibly comfortable, especially when considering the price tag. The centre piece on the backrest was too thin, the foam under the bottom was too thick and dense and, in real terms, things just need a bit of a tweaking from our perspective. Having said that, I weigh in at around 80kg, where this chair is designed for users exceeding double of that, so your mileage may very well vary, and it probably will.

Being able to tweak the arm rests in four different directions definitely allows you the degree of adjustability that’s needed to get everything correctly aligned for a good, proper posture, and being able to wind the hinge mechanism without getting in and out of the chair is something we’re sure we’ll see from rivals soon enough.
Construction of the chair couldn’t have been easier, simple enough to do on your own, with the tools provided to you in the box (the hex key is actually really good quality as well, something definitely worth throwing into your toolbox when you’re done). The only difficult part is inserting the wheels into the base but they need to be a snug fit and you only have to do it once.

Build quality, which is somewhat related to the ease of construction, is spot on. We found nothing of any concern whatsoever during our construction process or while testing it out, the padding feels good, the faux leather is very high quality and should stand the test of time, the steel frame on the chair is properly solid and, well, it’s all top notch.

Pricing is a small issue within this review, it’s too expensive compared to its competition. The likes of noblechairs, Nitro Concepts, GT Omega, Secret Lab and many more are all offering similar chairs but for £30-£50 less. Why would you spend an extra £50 if you don’t need to?

Vertagear’s build quality and styling is spot on, guaranteed to last for a decade, but the pricing is a little steep and a little extra padding would go a long way to secure a better review from us.

+ Rock solid build quality
+ 10-year warranty
+ Great range of colours available
+ Easy to construct
+ Capable of supporting up to 200kg
+ Easily adjusted

- Very pricey
- Lacking some padding on the backrest
- Gets sweaty after a short period of time

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