Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-10-15
Packaging & Included Parts

SL4000 arrives in a gigantic, triple reinforced box. The overall weight for this package totalled 25KG – based on the weight and size the transportation is certainly a two-man affair.

Inside, all the parts are well-packaged with plastic sheeting and polystyrene blocks for extra protection while the parcel is with the courier. Initially there are marks on some of the cushioning of the chair but they do eventually adapt back to their original shape – this is perhaps Vertagear could look at in future.

Removing each of the parts from the packaging we first of all see the back rest section. We’re reviewing the “Carbon” version of SL4000 which is the most understated option to go with. For the surface texture there’s a blend of matt and smooth PCV leather with high-quality stitching.

The backrest adopts a concave design which follows a racing theme. In the upper section there are two cut-outs which use hard plastic. The Vertagear logo has been stitched on either side. Overall the look and feel of the craftsmanship is very good.

The actual seating part arrives with the armrests already attached. Again, the same materials as found on the backrest are used for this section too. Vertgear has made use of foam padding underneath these materials – this padding is soft, dense and adequate for long periods of usage.

Flipping the seat over onto the reverse side we can see that everything is extremely tidy. Fitted to the supporting arm brace there are some pre-attached screws which are used for the construction of the chair later. These screws are noticeably bigger and stronger than the usual types you find on an office chair.

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