Western Digital Gaming Drive Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅30-07-19
Packaging, Bundle & Closer Look
The front of the box gives a slightly-smaller-than-life image of the drive presented by an astronaut of some kind. The titles and short descriptions are in English and French.

The rear of the box is nothing but a wall of text in multiple different languages. There’s a small contents and compatibility list at the bottom but overall, the packaging gives very few specific details on the drive.

Included with the drive is a 40cm blue cable, USB-A at one end, USB-B at the other, a small instruction sheet and a warranty booklet.

The front of the drive is black with diagonal grey lines, save for a small corner. There’s a 3D Western Digital logo in the centre.

The reverse features four tiny rubber feet, in matching blue, with a product information sticker in the centre. The blue plastic they’ve used is incredibly vibrant.

The top edge of the drive is home to the USB 3.0 Type-B connection, this type of connection is almost exclusively used for external storage.

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