Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-11-15
Packaging & Bundle

The exterior packaging is high quality and says very little of what is inside. The design is minimalist and lets the image of the product do the talking.

At the back is a diagram which details various features of the product, while at the side there is a list displaying what is included.

Once opened up we are greeted with a good quality hard case which contains the controller and various accessories.

Opening up the clamshell case there is a rubberised storage area which contains some attachments for the controller, while there is some foam floating around to help keep the controller in place.

Included as extra accessories, is a cross type D-pad, 2 'tall' replacement sticks, 2 domed replacement sticks, while the standard height sticks are attached to the controller.

Underneath the packaging there is another box containing a good quality, long braided USB to microUSB cable as well as some Duracell batteries.

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