Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-11-15
Closer Look

The design an shape of the Elite controller is mostly identical to the standard controller, though from up top, you can note the toned down colour of the buttons, and the large satellite dish D-pad.

At the side, we get a view of the rubberised grip and the first look at the metal bumper and trigger buttons.

Heavy metal, at the top we get to see a large chunk of attractive, cool looking metal, with the pairing button in an eye catching green.

from this angle we can see how the Elite controller keeps compatibility with the previous adaptor and devices, but also includes a dedicated port for 3.5mm jack. Not sure the lines for the D-pad are needed...

Underneath we get to see the full grip, the four paddles, the battery cover and the switched for the hair trigger lock.

The paddles are positioned ergonomically for a natural hand grip, while the switch for the hair trigger is made in an attractive green colour.

It's a shame that the Elite controller didn't come with a rechargeable battery as standard, but at least there is a nice greeting on the inside.

The sticks, D-pad and paddles are all magnetically removable and are a lot more study than your would think, each easily falling into place exactly as it should, making it incredibly convenient to customise and adapt your controller for different situations.

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