Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-11-15

Many have slated Microsoft's new Xbox Elite controller for its price but the truth is, the pricing is actually very competitive considering its primary target audience; hardcore gamers, gaming enthusiasts and pros. If you are considering buying a SCUF controller, the Xbox Elite controller may actually be the better buy. Being compatible with existing accessories, it seems highly possible you could customise the Elite controller further with specially made grips which exist too. That being said, this controller should set the new standard for how controllers are made and designed and a fall in price should certainly be the aim. The competitive advantage of having easy to access re-mappable paddles allowing for 100% thumb stick time is an insane feeling and if/once you get used to something like this, there is no going back. You will forever notice the cumbersome disadvantage of not being able to utilise more of your hands.

The build quality feels and seems great, but like many things, time will tell if there are any production flaws, and Microsoft have a bad track record of dealing with the returns of faulty controllers. The 1 year warranty too seems a bit underwhelming and I am sure many would like to have seen a 2 year warranty on this, still 1 year is significantly better than the 3 months offered on standard controllers. The Xbox Elite controller is not perfect and there are some adjustments that could make it that bit better, including, adjustable hair trigger stop, stronger actuation force on the paddles, being shipped with a rechargeable battery and having a 16.8 million colour LED under the Xbox button. Other than mentioned drawbacks, there is little to reason to not recommend the Xbox Elite controller. If you are a gamer on Xbox One or PC and: Love gaming, want to up your game or play competitively, the Xbox Elite controller should be your new standard. For that matter it should be the new standard, period.

Finally, after realising the huge demand from the gaming community, Microsoft hit the market hard with an enthusiast grade controller which could change everything.

+ Highly customisable
+ Good quality construction (lots of metal)
+ Great D-pad
+ Easy to use paddles
+ Variety of replaceable parts
+ Included hard case
+ Good software support
+ Rubberised grip
+ Features new 'easier to press bumpers'
+ 3.5 mm port compatible with 4 pole headsets
+ Compatible with all existing 1st party accessories

+- Some may find it a little heavy
+- Trigger stops not adjustable

- The longer paddles may actuate when placed on a hard surface
- Rechargeable battery not included
- Only a 1 year warranty
- Requires a 20 adaptor to be used wirelessly with PC

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