XFX Double D Edition R7950 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅31-01-12

Product on Review: XFX Double Dissipation R7950
Manufacturer and Sponsor: XFX
Street Price: £397.99

Our third HD 7950 review sees yet another newcomer to Vortez, XFX who sent us their R7950 complete with custom GHOST GPU cooler. XFX is a global presence in the world of electronic gaming. With its focus on taking gaming to the extreme, XFX has developed an exciting array of video cards, motherboards, and accessories that are designed to maximize the entire entertainment experience. The last XFX product I reviewed was the excellent GTX280 XXX which proved to be an excellent performer but a lot has changed since then. XFX have now added power supply units to their product line along with monitor accessories but they are best known for their awesome graphics cards. XFX are no longer tied solely to NVIDIA and they now offer products from both parties so whether you are a fan of the green team or the red, XFX have the means to provide the GPU solution you are looking for. Take for example today's sample, the HD7950, or rather the R7950 which I'm sure you are aware is the very latest GPU to hail from AMD.

The R7950 retains the standard clockspeed of the HD7950 but what makes the card different from the 'stock' HD7950 at first glance is the cooler. The GHOST cooler really is a thing of beauty and while I do not wish to pre-empt it's ability, if looks are anything to go by, this card will be one seriously cool customer. Looks however can be deceiving and none were this more so than with the XFX R7950. While the closkpeeds may remain the same, the card is far from being a reference design. The PCB as we will see is very different from the stock design as it features XFX's 'X' features of both power management, cooling and on-board components which make this card truly 'custom'.

If you prefer pre-overclocked then XFX will also be releasing a product under the 'Black Edition' umbrella, most likely featuring the same cooler as the card we are reviewing today but with an overclock pre-loaded into the BIOS. We will, as always, address the stock overclocks of today's sample later in the review when we push this card to it's limit as the 800MHz stock clocked speed is worryingly low for what appears to be a highly modified and capable graphics card. As you will see, XFX simply don't do 'stock' graphics cards - this one has the potential to be blisteringly quick!

About XFX
XFX dares to go where the competition would like to, but can’t. That’s because, at XFX, we don’t just create great digital video components—we build all-out, mind-blowing, performance-crushing, competition-obliterating video cards and motherboards. And, not only are they amazing, you don’t have to live on dry noodles and peanut butter to afford them.

XFX is a division of PINE Technology Holdings Limited, a leading manufacturer and marketer of innovative solutions for the worldwide gaming technologies market. Founded in 1989, PINE designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance video graphics technology and computer peripherals. The company’s dedicated research and development team are continually pushing the limits to meet the demands of the ever-growing and performance-driven community. Headquartered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong SAR), PINE has more than 1,000 employees worldwide with 16 offices around the globe. PINE also maintains four state-of-the-art research and development facilities in the Asia Pacific region and two factories in Mainland China. To learn more about PINE, please visit www.pinegroup.com.

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