XFX Double D Edition R7950 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅31-01-12

I've always been impressed with XFX products. From their early days with NVIDIA, their cards have always been very well presented and I am happy to report that nothing has changed in this respect. While the package is compact and bijou it is surprisingly well stocked with a fantastic array of manuals and leaflets. The card is well protected and held firmly in place so I have no qualms there.

Upon first glancing at the card you could be forgiven for believing you have bought an Apple product such is the minimalistic yet attractive design. There are no garish caricatured decals here thank you very much. This product oozes class and is for grown up gamers who prefer the finer things in life like brushed aluminium coolers rather than tacky plastic. It doesn't sacrifice looks for performance either as it was our best card on test in the temperature performance benchmark.

Overclocking the card was initially a torrid affair as I have never come up against a card that disliked voltage so much. Take your time though and caress the overclocking sliders with sympathy and you will get the best results from the XFX R7950. A 1.1GHz overclock (28%) on the core is a fantastic achievement made all the more impressive by the fact it needed less voltage to do so than our best overclocking card. While it couldn't quite match the best overclocking card we have tested thus far you have to consider that this card is not a pre-overclocked version. The Black Edition of the R7950 may well overclock even higher! Regardless 1100MHz is fast enough for anyone and is sure to rattle the cages of XFX's competitors.

Overall it was a mighty impressive showing from XFX who have once again shown everyone how to make a GPU. Great cooling, magnificent overclocking ability and sublime packaging. What more could you ask for? Well priced at £397.99 it is competitive but still £50 more than the reference design so if you do not intend on overclocking this may seem like false economy as as good as the cooler looks, it is overkill for reference clockspeeds. However, you will know where that extra £50 went when you start increasing the clockspeeds and wonder why the temperatures are not rocketing because the XFX GHOST design is one heavenly cooler, a cooler which matches a God like card which as a result is deserving of our prestigious Vortez Gold and Approved awards.

+ Amazing cooling
+ Fantastic overclocking
+ Quiet (when fan below 40%)
+ Great looking GHOST cooler
+ Black PCB
+ Compact yet well provisioned package

- Loud fan at high rpm
- No BIOS Switch
- Only one DVI port
- Warranty voided if cooler removed

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Vortez.net. Thanks to XFX for providing today’s review sample.

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