XFX R7970 Black Edition Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅18-02-12
As we have shown, the XFX R7970 is the fastest single core GPU we have tested to date. It even manages to better the awesome twin core AMD HD6990 which is a fantastic result. What XFX have created here is a graphics card that can handle anything you throw at it. Excellent performance as 'standard', amazing overclocking ability and superb cooling all wrapped up in a great package. Not only that but the XFX R7970 Black Edition is actually cheaper than a reference HD7970 at the time of writing. What more could you ask for?

At £450 the XFX card cannot be labelled as cheap but when you consider that other popular manufacturers are pricing these cards at £480 then the XFX R7970 Black Edition soon becomes a no brainer if you are looking for a top of the range graphics card unit capable of playing any game out there at the highest resolutions with all the trimmings.

If I was being picky (and I am) then I would have liked to have seen a couple of MOLEX-PCIe power adapters included with the package and perhaps a better PCB silk screening process on the card as the brown (admittedly dark) PCB does taint the aesthetics a little. Other than that I'm struggling to find anything to moan about.

There really is very little to fault with the graphics card we have reviewed today. The Double Dissipation cooling not only looks great but performs really well, capable of cooling the massive overclock we achieved with ease. Perhaps my one reservation with regards to performance is the power consumption. The R7970 is not a hungry card at stock speeds but due to the excessive amounts of voltage required for the mammoth overclock, power consumption soon rocketed. As I said earlier in the review - 'with great power comes great responsibility'. If the environment is of little concern to you then don't hold back on the overclocks because this card can take it by the bucket load. Just don't go crying to me when Greenpeace start stoning your house in protest!

All things considered, the XFX R7970 Black Edition is going to take some beating. How this will be done I honestly cannot say because for all intents and purposes, this card is nigh on perfect. For this reason, I can see no other option than to give the XFX R7970 Black Edition our very highest accolade - the revered Platinum award.


+ Silly fast overclocks
+ Class leading packaging
+ Excellent cooling performance and looks
+ Very Quiet

- Warranty void when cooler removed

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Vortez.net. Thanks to XFX for providing today’s review sample.

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