XFX R7970 Black Edition Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅18-02-12
Packaging & Accessories

Box Front

The package is presented in very similar garb to the whole XFX AMD range. The slimline box front is dominated by the 'B E' emblem signifying that this is a Black Edition Product and if you wasn't sure of this then XFX also state the product title beneath along with a brief explanation of their Double Dissipation cooler.

Box Rear

Flipping the box around, we see XFX have gone to great lengths describing the 'X' features of the graphics card which are found on all of their Double Dissipation products including GHOST technology, Duratec components and of course AMD's GCN architecture.

Box Inner

While the outer sleeve of the package may appear to be small, the product is fully equipped with a host of extras. The accessories are separated from the graphics card by a tray, itself containing a small compartment hiding some of the components while the remaining leaflets and instruction manuals are kept neatly to one side.


XFX spare no expensive when it comes to instruction manuals, guides and product advertisement with a host of literature for you to peruse. Along with the paraphernalia are the driver CD, DVI to HDMI adaptor, Crossfire bridge and a very nice metal 'Black Edition' case badge.

XFX R7970 Black Edition

After removing the graphics card from it's protective anti-static bag, we get to see it in all it's glory. The card itself has no visible markings to signify that this is a 'Black Edition' card, looking near identical to the 'Double Dissipation' version with the same cooling design. XFX also have another variety in their 7970 line-up called the 'Core' which for all intents and purposes is a reference card with XFX branding.

Let's take a closer look the the R7970 Black Edition...

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