XFX R9 390X Double Dissipation Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-07-15

Being the top offering within the 300 series, the 390X brings with it some key benefits over the 290X – especially at ultra-high resolutions. XFX has taken the 390X and applied trademark features which bring with it a number of a benefits.

This new card has been given XFX’s Ghost 3.0+ thermal design which has some interesting attributes such as a new GPU heatsink fin array, VRM heatsink design and DDR heatsinks. All of these contribute to great thermal conduction and also meant we were able to place a conservative overclock to the memory clock. Even under full-load the Ghost 3.0+ configuration, with its dual 90mm cooling fans presented low-noise.

As we saw with the first 390X we reviewed, the 390X DD is a good match for the GTX 980 and builds on the 290X by giving better results, especially when used with a 4K monitor at higher resolutions. Although the 390X DD lacks any factory overclock for the memory clock it still demonstrated prowess in a number of gaming titles and on the preceding pages you’ll see we managed to apply a substantial overclock to the card (while keeping within decent temperature parameters). So there is headroom to squeeze more performance out of this card if desired.

Overclocked versions of the 390X sit around the £350 / $429 mark but since this card doesn’t have a factory overclock it comes in even cheaper at just £330 / $419. At this price-point we have a good value for money offering in the 390X when comparing it to the rival GTX 980. Casting an eye over the “Overall Performance” and “Value For Money” charts on the previous pages of this review highlights the value that 390X DD really brings to the table.

The XFX 390X Double Dissipation embodies quality. This graphics card is equipped with an impressive cooling solution which delivers low-noise with decent thermal performance and is a suitable, cheaper alternative to the GTX 980 at ultra-high resolutions.

+ Impressive styling
+ Low-noise operation
+ Great thermal results
+ Overclocks well
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ Dual BIOS
+ 2 years warranty

- Stock GTX 980 is still faster in some scenarios

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