XFX Type-01 Bravo Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-08-14
Packaging & First Look

Packaging for Bravo

Bravo is packaged within a large double-reinforced cardboard box. On the front there is no illustration of the case just the writing TYPE 01. Over on the reverse we have a depiction of the case and some of the technical details.

Inside, Bravo is covered in a clear plastic sheet and two large polystyrene blocks which are further protected with cardboard, help to secure the case whilst its in transit to the destination address.

Ventilated design on the sides

Distinct styling

Unveiling the case from its packaging we are met by a rather large and bulky computer chassis. Either side of Bravo features an identical panel which consists of thick steel construction which is backed with plastic ventilation. On the prominent side there are mounting holes to attach 3x 120mm cooling fans which also means a 240mm radiator could be fixed to the side panel but this would obstruct the graphics card and therefore isnt a possibility.

On both side panels there is a red metallic strip which has TYPE 01 and XFX etched in a diamond cut appearance.

Bravo neither fits in the minimalist or gamer style. Overall we think the design is appealing and on the next page well be looking at the external elements in more detail.

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