CEBIT 2011 - XFX unveil triple display stand with HD 6990 and DIRT 2

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-03-11

XFX unveiled a new product to capture gamers attention at CeBIT 2011. We saw the outshowing of an innovative design by them that will help those with multi-display setups to enhance their configuration with a new “Triple Display Monitor Stand”. This stand is designed to support up to 3 monitors each up to 24” in size. Height, angle and rotation can be adjusted to the gamers needs and delivers further functionality via 2 USB2.0 ports and audio jacks for hooking up your favourite headset.

The default package holds 1 monitor, and further upgrades can be purchased to allow 2 or 3 monitors to be attached. The full package with connecting arms for all 3 monitors will reach the end user for approximately £350 inc. VAT

NOTE: The below system was powered by the upcoming AMD HD 6990, showing that it can easily sustain great performance in DIRT 2 across 3 monitors.

XFX are also moving into the gaming peripheral market with their new ARCPad. The ARCPad features a clipping system that clamps to the underside of the desk, providing a smooth surface for the underside of the forearm, removing the rough edge of the desk. This new pad, which will kick-start XFX’s entry into this new market will be available within a months time.