XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-06-18

Product on Review: XPG Spectrix D41
Manufacturer: XPG
Street Price: £168.99

XPG, well known for flashy RGB and solid performance, have provided us with another set of DDR4 RAM. This time we take a look at the successor to a review we only published a couple of weeks ago, the Spectrix D41. With this new kit we see a more diffused RGB strip on top as well as less obstruction, allowing brighter and more vibrant effects. We also see support from many more manufacturers for synchronising the

Not only have they improved the RGB element, we also see an improvement in speeds, starting at 2666MHz and soaring to an insane 5000MHz for those who need the absolute bleeding edge of performance. The sticks arrive with both a bright red heatsink or a titanium grey option.

In the D40 review we observed genuinely excellent overclocking results, mainly due to the headroom left available by the large heatspreader and relatively low stock operating voltage; due to this, overclocking is something we will certainly take a good look at.

For testing today, we have a 2666MHz 16GB kit (2x 8GB), in Crimson Red, let’s get stuck into the review and see how it performs.

XPG on the Spectrix D41:
The XPG SPECTRIX D41 DDR4 RGB memory brings together outstanding performance and mesmerizing RGB lighting to give you a worthy upgrade for your system. Featuring stunning speeds up to 5000MHz the SPECTRIX D41 delivers smooth, fast gaming and overclocking, all the while supporting Intel® X299 and AMD AM4/Ryzen platforms. What’s more, with vivid RGB lighting that is compatible with a range of lighting control software, your gaming setup will outshine the competition.

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