XSPC RayStorm 750 RS360 Kit Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅09-12-12

Venturing into the world of watercooling can be a daunting experience. After all, who in the right mind mixes water with electronics? Get it wrong and that's exactly what could happen. There is a wealth of advice on enthusiast forums, some very good, others questionable while most are out of date such is the nature of watercooling - it advances very quickly and what was once the CPU block or radiator to 'have', they are soon surpassed by better ones. In short specifying your own watercooling components can be tricky for a first timer and potentially (if you get it wrong) dangerous. Couple this with not having a guide to hand when building the kit into your pc and the whole process becomes even more nerve jangling.

While specifying your own custom kit can often be higher performing than a pre-packaged kit, the components used in the XSPC are all very good. Perhaps the only weak point is the pump which is fine for a CPU only loop, adding other items such as a GPU block or mosfet/chipset blocks and a higher quality, more powerful pump would be better suited. We did however tally up the exact components used in the kit we reviewed today and it worked out over 40 more expensive! So you are getting quite a bargain here as far as watercooling goes.

In our tests, perhaps unexpectedly, the XSPC Raystorm 750 RS360 kit easily out performed the best air cooling and closed unit watercooling products has to offer but surprisingly by quite a large margin. For a little less than 160 you are getting a very capable selection of components not only perform extremely well together but also look the business. You will also receive credit from those who know what they are doing because with XSPC, you have a name that is well respected among watercooling enthusiasts.

If I had to suggest improvements to the kit, the pump is the obvious one. While it is perfectly adequate for this kit, adding additional items may warrant a more powerful version such as the Laing D5, which coincidentally XSPC have included in their more powerful kits. Hopefully, this pump will not replicate the slight rattle/humming noises we encountered during testing as the X2O res/pump combo which is one of the very few negatives in owning this kit - the pump is quiet but not silent. Aside from other minor points such as screw colouration (black please), there are few other negatives I can find. There was one more thing and this is perhaps the biggest drawback - the price. You will be in effect paying triple the cost of a high end air cooler which while not as high performing, is a lot quieter both at minimum and high speed fan settings. The trade off however, is that air cooling simply cannot compete with a good watercooling kit where temperature reduction is the ultimate aim and to that end, the XSPC RayStorm RS360 watercooling kit dominates.

The XSPC Raystorm RS360 Watercooling Kit is one of those items that makes you smile. It has everything you need to get you up and running in no time and thanks to the well written instruction manual you can press the power on button, confident you are not going to destroy your pride and joy and end up with 'wet feet'. This, coupled with a very competitive price means the product we have reviewed today is fully deserving of our Gold award.

+ Excellent cooling performance
+ High Performing CPU Block
+ Quiet
+ Well specified components
+ Great Instruction Manual

- Slight rattle and hum from the pump

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