XSPC RayStorm 750 RS360 Kit Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅09-12-12
Packaging & Accessories

The package arrives in a rather large box measuring 45x22x22cm which is very stylishly designed with a picture of the Raystorm CPU block illuminated to one side and the main contents on the other. Other than the company logo there is no other detailing save for a tick box menu which tells us that the same packaging is used for the variety of combinations XSPC use in their watercooling kits.

Extracting the contents is a bit of a Babushka doll affair with boxes inside boxes inside boxes. Once you have stripped most of the packaging away though we find the following components:

- RayStorm CPU Waterblock
- X2O 750 Pump/Reservoir
- RS360 Radiator
- G1/4" to 1/2" Barb (Black Chrome) x6
- Plastic Hose Clip x6
- XSPC 1650rpm 120mm Fan x3
- 120mm Fan Grill (Black) x3
- Intel and AMD RayStorm Brackets
- Socket 775, 1366 and 1155/1154 Backplates
- Socket LGA2011 mounting kit
- Socket AM2 and AM3 mounting kit
- 80mm to 120mm Radiator brackets
- 3mm Twin Blue LED with 4Pin Molex
- 5mm Blue LED with 4Pin Molex
- 2 Meters of Clear 7/16" Hose
- 24pin ATX Bridge Tool
- K2 Thermal Paste

The kit is quite comprehensive and contains everything you would need to get you going save for coolant and additives. Considering that the kit comes with clear tubing, we can understand the omission of coolant as it allows the end user to decide which colour (if any) they wish to use in their watercooling system. We would have liked to have seen compression fittings in the kit as opposed to barbs. While the more experienced watercooling enthusiasts may still prefer barbs for their cleaner look (myself included), compression fittings are easier to use for the novice and are less likely to spring leaks in the system. This would however add a slight price increase to the kit and because XSPC have also included hose clips, they are forgiven on this point.

The general packaging was very good. Each delicate components was both boxed separately and wrapped in bubble wrap for further protection so every component should reach you in perfect condition.

I was very impressed with the instruction manual which is very well written and with the addition of clear pictures and diagrams was easy to follow. Perhaps the most daunting area for new 'watercoolers' aside from choosing the components is actually building the kit into a system. It would be pointless bundling all the components together without adding a very good, easy to follow manual. Thankfully the instruction manual XSPC have included is excellent. It contains multiple step-by-step guides to make the installation of the kit very easy in any modern PC system.

Overall then, the packaging is well thought out, well chosen and despite the large box it arrives in, there is no spare space so it is very well designed. Every component is protected and thus I see no reason why this kit should not reach the owner in anything less than perfect condition.

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