XSPC RAZOR GTX680 SLI Waterblock Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅28-04-13
Packaging & Accessories

The blocks arrive in anonymous, plain white packaging. The 'shake test' tells us that the internals are well cushioned despite what appears to be basic exterior packing. Thankfully, upon opening the sealed boxes we are greeted with a wealth of good quality bubble wrap and foam which pads out the blocks and accessories perfectly.

Inside each box you get a set of instructions, a host of screws and washers, a twin 3.5mm LED-MOLEX connector, thermal paste and pads and the fully assembled RAZOR block. It is worth noting that no barbs or compression fittings are included with the package so these will need to be purchased separately.

5x G1/4 Black Chrome plugs, 10 x M3 x 6mm screws and washers are stored in separate bags which makes everything easy to keep tidy and prevent you from losing anything during assembly. Our samples did have a couple of spare screws and washers witch was a nice touch although its always a little disconcerting after finishing assembly when you have screws leftover!

As we will be using two of the RAZOR Blocks in SLI, we will need a method of connecting them neatly. For this purpose XSPC have thankfully produced some neat Acetel blocks which perfectly match the RAZOR blocks. The aptly named 'Flow Bridge' is available in 3 different sizes, 2 slot, 4 slot or 6 slot spacing and are purchased separately. While simple in design, any good watercooler will tell you the Devil is in the detail when making a masterpiece watercooling build and it is little additions such as these which separate a good looking watercooling build from a great looking one.

Let's take a look at the Razor waterblock...

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