XSPC RAZOR GTX680 SLI Waterblock Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅28-04-13
First Look

Here we get a first glimpse of the block itself. The block ad a shrink wrap type sticky polythene wrapped around it and it was also buried in a bubble wrap sleeve so should reach you in perfect condition, like ours with no scratches to the lovely brushed aluminium effect upper plate.

The finish on the top plate is exquisite. Anyone who has owned a Lian Li PC case will appreciate the brushed aluminium effect with contrasting silver logo. The rounded Allen key screw heads add that industrial feel but do not take anything away from the minimalist, sleek design.

As you can see, the top plate is an exageration of what the block actually keeps cool with the copper base only taking around 60% of the upper plate real estate.

The finish on the copper is less than perfect I'm afraid with machining marks clearly visible. While this is extremely unlikely to effect performance, certainly not in any measurable way, we would have liked to have seen a perfect, polished mirror finish here.

The thin metal top plate is held in place by Allen screws which are perfectly machined with no cracking present in the acrylic plate. In total, the block comprises of an aluminium upper plate, acrylic, stainless steel and copper sandwich and measures 252.5 x 123 x 25.7mm.

To illuminate the acrylic, XSPC have included two LED's which (should) fit into the 2x 3mm holes that are dilled into the acrylic.

Let's have a closer look at the block inner...

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