Y-Cam Bullet HD 1080 Review

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Closer Look

Bullet HD 1080 is designed for outdoor use and has steel construction for its external make up. The top of the camera features an adjustable visor which protects against weather such as rain/sun. To adjust this visor a screw needs to be removed.

Since the rear of the camera has a rubber conduit, Bullet HD 1080 is perfect for outdoor usage. Although it is advisable to install the camera in a sheltered area if possible such as under the eaves of the house, Bullet HD 1080 is robust and able to withstand the elements. Y-Cam have done a great job with the build quality of this unit.

The back of the camera also features an antenna socket to fit the WiFi aerial. Bullet HD 1080 gets it network connectivity via Ethernet port or WiFi. IEEE802.11b/g/n is supported with frequencies of 2.4GHz and WPA-PSK (AES/TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP) encryption methods.

In order to use the Micro SD card slot the back of the unit needs to be unscrewed. A minimum of class 8 card should be used in the unit. Since this camera is an outdoor unit, having to remove the back to gain access to the micro SD card slot is rather cumbersome.

An overview of Bullet HD 1080

The back of the camera – weather-proof conduit and WiFi antenna port

Turning our attention to the front of the camera there is a ˝.7″ CMOS lens which is capable of recording up to 1920x1080 at 30fps, which is the perfect balance between quality and movement. The focal length is 4.15mm and aperture F1.8. Bullet HD 1080 will record in h.264 and MPJEG modes and even has night vision capabilities – as you can see from the image below there are a total of 32 Infrared LEDs which offer 15m of distance during low-light situations. Y-Cam have chosen to go with a lens that gives a viewing angle of 73° - Horizontal and 61° Vertical – this provides a wide range angle and almost fish-eye view.

Aside from the video capabilities, Bullet HD 1080 also has two-way audio. This audio is provided by a built-in microphone on the camera and audio out connector. This allows offsite communication directly to the camera.

The front of Bullet HD 1080 with 32 Infrared LEDs for night vision

The cabling that comes from the camera is shielded to assist with protection from the weather and brings a plethora of functionality which include:

• Power connector
• Audio connector
• Power-over-Ethernet
• CableConnect

The power-over-Ethernet allows just a single CAT5 network cable directly to the router without the need for a power connector. This is helpful since the camera will be used outdoors and sourcing a power socket can be problematic. CableConnect is another neat idea which brings extended connectivity, here is what Y-Cam have to say about it:

The new cable connect system allows for DIY users or installation companies to save valuable time and money when installing. CableConnect™ allows for the termination of a single Cat 5 network cable into the rear of the camera, minimising cable routing and drilling requirements

The group of cables coming from Bullet HD 1080

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