Zalman ZM-M600R Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-02-16
Closer Look

The button configuration is pretty standard, the only exception is that the rear button is used as 'back' rather than the DPI toggle switch.

The mouse is symmetrical, allowing it to be ambidextrous as well as neutral in terms of grip.

Around the centre of the mouse is a glossy section, contrasting against the textured surface, this will likely be a fingerprint magnet, though does add an interesting contrast to the comfort.

On the underside the sensor is positioned almost centrally and the weight seems well distributed. There are 2 selector switches, one for polling rate (AUTO, 125, 500, 1000 Hz) and another for DPI (600,1000,1600,4000). It is an interesting place to have the selection though is also understandable considering that this mouse is has no supporting software.

There are two lighting zones and none are customisable, the logo lighting cycles through various colours, while the wheel lighting changes depending on which DPI setting you use. By default, yellow - 600 DPI, blue - 1000 DPI, red - 1600 DPI and magenta - 4000 DPI.

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