Zoostorm StormForce Inferno 805 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-06-16

Product on Review: Stormforce Inferno 805
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Zoostorm
Street Price: £1549 GBP

This year we’ve seen both 4K and VR take centre-stage in the world of gaming. Users who have a desire to experience either of these two tiers will need a system capable of delivering strong performance. There are generally two routes to take when investing in a computer system, you can either build the configuration yourself by selecting the components and constructing the system or you can let a desktop supplier take care of everything. Today we’ll be looking to one such supplier called Zoostorm.

In the spotlight today is the Stormforce Inferno 805; a VR-ready computer system designed by Zoostorm. Inferno 805 makes use of the Intel Z170 chipset and therefore takes advantage of the Intel Core i7-6700K. As well as a quad-core processor, Zoostorm has also included 32GB DDR4, NVIDIA’s GTX 980Ti and some M.2 storage to deliver excellent performance for the most demanding of 3D processing tasks.

About Zoostorm
Zoostorm is the 4th largest desktop brand in the UK and over our 20 year history we have grown to be the most recognisable and successful local brand in the UK.

We offer a full range of devices from Gaming systems, entry level desktops, small form factors, All-In-One systems, through to Windows and Android tablets, 2-in-1s, touch screen laptops and media players. We are also able to offer custom SKU ranges, direct dispatch and management of the end user warranty process.

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