ZOTAC GTX 1050 Mini Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-10-16

NVIDIA’s GTX 10 Series has made a substantial impact to both the desktop and mobile graphics sector. In the desktop department, NVIDIA has covered the mid-to-high end with the GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 and the low-end has therefore been quite exposed, allowing AMD to monopolize with their RX 460. That is, until now.

The release of the GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti is the green team’s response to the RX 460 and therefore the remaining GTX 10 Series card to fill the entry-level spot. Today’s review of the ZOTAC GTX 1050 MINI is a showcase of how capable the GP107 really is. While our graphics card features no factory overclock, it’s still able to deliver great performance for those using 1080p as the chosen resolution for gaming. What’s especially encouraging is that we were able to modify the GPU and memory clock speeds to an admirable point and applying such a manual overclock presents a significant advantage.

The minuscule footprint of GTX 1050 MINI is something of a triumph because such dimensions allow system builders to squeeze this card into the smallest of computer cases and is likely to be the ideal solution for mini-ITX systems. The other obvious benefit is the omission of a PCI Express connector – rendering ZOTAC’s graphics card even more flexible because the power supply can be taken out of the equation altogether.

Overall, our GTX 1050 MINI performs well in DX11 and DX12 titles – 1080p with medium/high detail is the sweetspot with this card. Not only is the 3D performance pleasing, but the performance from the single fan cooling solution is also a positive aspect of this card too – users can expect low-noise and low-temperatures.

GTX 1050 MINI arrives with the price-tag of £119.99 GBP / $115 USD. At this price point the RX 460 is slightly cheaper but is also neck and neck with the GTX 1050 in some cases, but there are some obvious benefits by going with ZOTAC’s option here – performance and size are the prominent advantages and the backing of a 5-year warranty will certainly seal the deal.

ZOTAC’s new GTX 1050 MINI is a superb little card which is ideal for mini-ITX system builders who are looking for a good value for money graphics card capable of handling 1080p.


+ Clean look
+ Super compact
+ Powered by PCI Express slot
+ Low power consumption
+ Manually overclocks very well
+ Quiet & effective cooling
+ Great 1080p performance
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ 5-year warranty

- No backplate
- No factory overclock

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