ZOTAC GTX 1660 SUPER Twin Fan Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-11-19

While some would argue the placement of the GTX 1660 SUPER is superfluous, you can’t deny that it’s a superb 1080p graphics card which effectively supersedes the GTX 1060 6G.

ZOTAC are experts at designing small graphics cards and the ‘Twin Fan’ is another stellar offering. Its size means that it will comfortably reside in a SFF build and gamers will still be able to achieve excellent performance. Speaking of which, this GPU will deliver framerates above 70 in most gaming titles with the detail set to maximum.

In our launch review for GTX 1660 SUPER we examined the INNO3D Twin X2 which is plagued by an incredibly loud cooler, but we’re pleased to report that ZOTAC has this department covered. Not only does their thermal design keep noise to a minimum with the double fan design, but temperature reading is reasonably low too.

As you can expect from a no-frills type of graphics card like this one, there is no factory overclock as the intention is to keep as close to the base MSRP as possible. Twin Fan is priced at £228 GBP / $229 USD which represents great value for money, especially when you factor in a 2 year warranty which can be extended to 3 years with product registration on the ZOTAC website.

ZOTAC’s GTX 1660 SUPER Twin Fan is a great buy for any gamer who wants a tiny graphics card which delivers big on 1080p performance!

+ Simple design w/ no RGB
+ Very small, compact
+ Decent thermal performance
+ Low-noise cooler
+ Excellent 1080p performance
+ Reasonably priced

- No zero decibel tech.

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