Zowie FK Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅17-06-13

Product On Review: Zowie FK FPS Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer: Zowie Gaming Gear
Price: £51.95 inc. V.A.T. (at time of review)

Founded in 2008, Zowie Gaming Gear were originated on the principle of creating core gaming peripherals which allow gamers to maximise competitiveness no matter their skill level. Billing themselves as a free-thinking company not bound by shareholders or market conventions, they haven’t been concerned by market fads or the latest flavour-of-the-month technology. Their designs are typically minimalist, eschewing unnecessary features such as lighting and over-elaborate layouts in favour of being the best at helping you to play games.

David reviewed their most well-known product – the Zowie Celeritas – in 2011 and it made a lasting impression as our first look at mechanical keyboards. In the intervening period the market for those products have become all the more competitive, but no more competitive than that of the product we have to review today: the Zowie FK. An evolution of the Zowie AM, but redesigned primarily as a competitive gaming mouse, the FK utilises a 2300DPI optical sensor optimised for low lift-height and an innovative tapered design lending itself to a true ambidextrous layout.

About The Zowie FK
Since releasing the ZOWIE AM we have received requests from gamers who would prefer a wide to narrow \ / shape, instead of the narrow to wide design that the AM has / \. Reason being that some gamers feel that it is difficult to grip and lift the AM because it slips out of their fingers, with the light pressure they are applying.

This is where the ZOWIE FK comes in! The FK is similar to the AM in terms of specifications and features, and they are both ambidextrous mice developed for gamers who prefer a claw-grip play style, but that is where the similarities end.

The FK has a \ / grip, where the AM has a / \ gripping style. The design of the FK has changed slightly compared to the AM, amongst other minor adjustments, the height is lower. The adjustments to the overall design have been made to make the FK lighter and faster. We hope that the design makes it more comfortable to use, not only for gamers who prefer the claw-grip, but also for gamers with smaller hands who prefer to palm-grip their mouse.

Furthermore the FK features a new coating, which feels smooth and fine like regular rubber paint, but has increased resistance towards wear and tear. The coating helps increase grip for gamers with tendency to sweaty palms and it is easy to clean!

Zowie set great store by their design and component choices for the FK and this is reflected in the asking price, putting it up squarely against premium products from the likes of Razer, SteelSeries and ROCCAT. Professional gamers will happily pay top dollar for the best in their chosen field, but can the mouse live up to the needs of a gamer with more diverse tastes?

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